Let Us Help You Take Care of Your Car

Are there bad cars or just badly maintained cars? It’s a fact that preventative maintenance is the basic ingredient to a long-lived, reliable vehicle. But how does one define “maintenance”? The dime-store answer is: Read your owners manual and define your driving habits.

The engine is the most expensive part of any vehicle, so preserving it is fundamental. And the most important part of preserving the engine is changing the oil, which must be performed on schedule, using high-quality oil of the proper viscosity. The part is easy. The more complicated part is determining what constitutes “on schedule,” and selecting the right oil.

Although it might not be as simple as it sounds, begin by reviewing your owner’s manual. Today’s terminology can be complex, but it is essential to understand which maintenance schedule. Most manuals include two schedules – one that is right for your vehicle and one that is right for your drive habits.


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