Driveline vibration

Len’s Automotive, Inc. Tech Question:
I’m Doug. A few years ago I was driving my 1985 Dodge Ram with about 80,000 miles on it. I was going up a hill in Bellevue and heard a noise like a tin can rolling down the road. I looked back and saw my drive shaft bouncing down the hill. I put it in four wheel drive and drove to my Bellevue mechanic to get it fixed.

What could I have done to prevent that?

Len’s Automotive, Inc. Tech Answer:
Now that’s quite a story. Doug was fortunate that his vehicle had a part-time four wheel drive system that would let him get home without a rear drive shaft.

This “case of the missing drive shaft” highlights the need for regular inspections. Now most Bellevue auto owners are familiar with recommendations for preventive maintenance services like oil changes and coolant replacement. What you may not know is that there are also recommendations for inspections at various intervals.

By the time a vehicle gets 80,000 miles on it like Doug had, the owner’s manual would have called for an automotive analysis of things like the suspension, brakes – and the drive line. Chances are that such an inspection at Len’s Automotive, Inc. would have revealed early signs of a worn u-joint and Doug could have had it fixed before his drive shaft went rattling down the road.

Ask your helpful Len’s Automotive, Inc. service specialist about the inspections your vehicle should have.

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